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The Nucleus

Ashish Pawar 

Ashish strongly believes in best practices and business processes that shape a start-up into a corporate. A problem-solver, humble conversationalist and a sprinter, he hails from a corporates tech industry and now is the Co-founder and Managing Director at AtomsAlive. He looks after the overall business excellence and technology while at work and is otherwise an avid chess player! Reach out to him to for a great discussion on leadership strategies! 

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Kunal Dani

Rooting from the media industry, Kunal is the Co-founder & Director at AtomsAlive looking after the Business & Marketing effectiveness. He is a staunch advocate of the 'Work-Life Priority' mantra instead of 'Work-Life Balance' funda! He does not confine productivity to office workspace or home base and practices working-on-the-go while hopping timezones! Drop a hi to him for a lit conversation on gen Z Millenials over endless coffee!

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Atindriya Bose

Ex-Sony PS | 2 + decades of Business Leadership experience across diverse technology-led consumer industries: e-Commerce, digital media, Consumer Electronics and Agri-Technology

Rishi Kapal

Global Strategist and CEO, Author - Kites in a Hurricane. A Stanford LEADer & a Performance Coach he worked with many Fortune 500 companies like Sony, Qualcomm, etc. and held leadership positions. Also a U.N. Speaker

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Sandeep Sehgal

Global Scaleup – A Singapore company having expertise in scaling up the start-up to an international level is associated with AtomsAlive, providing it with the expansion mechanisms along with functional and business expertise

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