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We innovate the product adaptations with our ultra-fast charging technology applications 

Consumer Electronics

One of AtomsAlive’s innovative ultra-fast charging solution is for mobile accessories. This ranges from the power banks for smartphones to Bluetooth audio wears.

Optimum wattage range from 50W to 170W enables ultra-fast charging to these applications from 5300 mAh to 20K mAh

Conventional charging technologies wattage range fail to match the charging speed and form factor design of AtomsAlive’s product offerings in this segment.

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Electrical Vehicles

AtomsAlive solves for the pain points of the electric vehicle industry with the proprietary technology that establishes thermal management through power electronics.

The solution extends across two-wheelers viz. e-bicycles and e-motorbikes, three-wheelers i.e. e-rickshaws & for four wheeler electric vehicles charging needs. 

The charger docking station is aimed at providing swappable batteries that are ultra fast-charged at the docks. The two and three-wheeler segment chargers are portable and can be plugged on the go.

Universal Charger

The innovation in universal charger aims at enabling ultra-fast charging across the varied charging inputs of mobile phones, laptops and rechargeable accessories.

It uses a unique handshaking protocol that facilitates cross charging compatibility across different battery tech requirements. Further, it reduces dependency on buying custom make chargers planned on being sold as optional accessories.

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Applications extend to a wide range of rechargeable electronics in consumer durables, robot-toys, drones  & automobile industries

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