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We at AtomsAlive believe in the application of revolutionary scientific knowledge to fulfill our consumer centric passion for developing innovative ultra-fast charging solutions

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The Ultra-Fast Charging



The patented ultra-fast charging technology generates high wattage with a non-conventional combination of voltage and current.


Our proprietary technology achieves ultra-fast charging from high charge rates. With this, AtomsAlive solves for an optimized heat & battery management system, which is the need of the hour in the fast charging domain across applications. The unique combination of wattage parameters reduces dependencies on the stacking of cell configuration to achieve higher voltage and eventually higher wattage.

Key differentiation: Independent of high voltage dependency resulting out of cell stacking of battery capacity. 
Implication: Ultra-fast charging is possible on reduced battery size and form factor.

The Heart-Core


Cell chemistry is an integral component of any fast charging application.

With AtomsAlive’s optimization on the battery technology used in different product adaptations, our ultra-fast charging technology ensures longevity by increasing the product life cycles and the active usage time.

Implication: Freedom from charging your devices every now and then!

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Powerful Computer

It's all about 

the Performance!

AtomsAlive’s ultra-fast charging technology is specially focused on increasing the performance ratio.


This is the ratio of the output active usage time to the input charging time. For a wide range of consumer electronics, this performance ratio is less than one. While providing for the reduced charging time, AtomsAlive specializes in increasing this ratio over 1.
A high-performance ratio enhances the consumer experience of using the ultra-fast charging product adaptation.

Implication: This revolutionary feature drastically eliminates the wait period experienced during the down time while charging. 

The MasterMind

of the System

One of the industry pain points is the heat dissipation caused during fast charging. With AtomsAlive’s research & development expertise, we solve this with a combination of a smart battery management system (BMS) and the optimized heat management through power electronics.


The battery management circuit further ensures cross-compatibility to the existing fast charging conventions viz. Power Delivery, Quick Charge et. al. in consumer electronics product applications

Implication: With AtomsAlive, the ultra-fast charging is now possible in all the rechargeable electronics!


Viability & Implementation

The ultra-fast charging technology is versatile with regards to the portability & form factor requirements of the use case application.


Apart from the industry specific product adaptations, the implementation of the solution includes a proprietary IC – microprocessor that is a direct fit to any electronic charger circuits.


This implementation as an Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) and System on Chip (SoC) has wider product applications viz. smart chargers for wearable techology gears, IoT – home automation devices et. al.

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